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Spring Hill High School7

Columbia, TN | Maury County


March 4, 2014

The statement below was posted in 2009 and is as current in 2014 as ever! About 16 or more teachers left last year due to this. Kids rule the school. Teachers are reprimanded for sending kids that misbehave to ISS. They won a "School that works award." HOW??? Test scores? maybe ,not by administration. My child has had FEW teachers that really care. In fact, two teachers have insulted him in front of his peers to the point of me having to taking him to a counselor. But the kids are so out of control, I can hardly blame them. They are stressed out and not supported. SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN ASAP!!!! The principal is passive aggressive, unorganized and does not know how to lead or inspire loyalty in teachers or students. Administrative discipline is arbitrary and unpredictable. Teachers function in spite of the principal's poor direction and lack of focus.

Submitted by a parent

April 17, 2012

I have grandchildren that transfered to this school last semester , I was very upset to learn the school has no respect for thier students, the teachers are rude, hateful, cusing and threating students they dislike fro what ever reason is un- called For. rateing lower than low compared to most. what has our educational system come to. a popularity contest at best. how sad. what has happen to our teacher no disire to teach our children it is a real shame.

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May 18, 2011

My son just completed his first year at Spring Hill HS, and I can say that I have been impressed with what the school offers academically to prepare the students for college. I love the block system and how it provides an atmosphere of success for the students. It sets them up to succeed.

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September 16, 2010

Spring Hill High School isn't a good school for EDUCATION, they care more about sports and dress code. Some of the teachers treat students different because of their race or sexuality. Most classes are to easy because they care more about dress code and sports rather than eduacating students. I give Spring Hill High School a thumbs down for poor eduacation and caring.

Submitted by a student

November 12, 2009

My daughter has transfered to this high shcool her last year, I wish we would have transfered years ago. She has made straight A's and is a different child. She works harder and enjoys going to school. Love Spring Hill High

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September 16, 2009

I love Spring Hill High School because my Grandson goes there and they try in every way to make sure a student doesn't fall behind. Very dedicated to their jobs and envirorment.

September 1, 2009

They care more about sports and dress code than education

Submitted by a parent

January 27, 2009

Alot of people are putting down this school for no reason at all. If people would just follow the rules and come to school for educational reason, then there would not be any problems. If the students do not try they will not learn. The teachers are great and truly care about the students. Everyone is asking way too much out of these teachers and not giving any of their self . Teacher are there to help their students!! Use them as a resource. So all whom have gave this school a bad rating, how about you come into the school and give up some of your time and money to help out. The school only has so much funding.

Submitted by a student

January 15, 2009

The principal is passive aggressive, unorganized and does not know how to lead or inspire loyalty in teachers or students. Administrative discipline is arbitrary and unpredictable. Teachers function in spite of the principal's poor direction and lack of focus.

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January 15, 2009

I believe this school is truly under-rated. This is my son's first year in public school after being home-educated since kindergarten. I believe there are many classes and activities that are not being taken advantage of due to little parent involvement. I do not blame the school system for this, I blame economics. Both parents having to work to make ends meet which, in turn, leads to little time for parents to devote to the school system itself. I have been happy thus far with my child in this school system.

Submitted by a parent

January 9, 2009

SHHS is a great school! I went there last year and ADORED it, sure some of the teachers were a little off, but hey, not everyone can be perfect, and yes they are bigger on dress code than some other things, but then again, a lot of the students are REALLY REALLY bad about abusing the dress code! There is a reason for it.

Submitted by a student

July 18, 2008

it's a great school with inspiring teachers and a good education

Submitted by a parent

June 3, 2008

As a former student the way it sounds it hasnt changed at all. When I was there in 07 all we ever heard about was dresscode, rules, etc...Frankly I learned nothing there its not the teachers fault (some of them are at fault) the ones that want to don things right are oppressed by a uncaring Admin and co workers that don't care. As for extra activites if its anything besides football or band you might as well forget it the staff care nothing about anything else. As far as the rules on 'safety' they really dont change a thing if something bad is going to happen it will. I would not not send my child or any child here.

February 13, 2008

ok first off as a current student im not happy with the place the faculty doesnt care about our education theyre more conserned with enforcing the dresscode than anything else they have ignored most students education and once A students r now failing because they dont understand the curriculum because the teachers neglected to teach them properly. the school lunches rival that of prison food, they dont even have enough to cover all lunch shifts, the students who r unlucky enough to get last lunch have to eat peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches. it does have some redeeming qualities some of the teachers r nice, for example Mr. Copen, Mr. White, Ms. Brilove, and Ms. Mycheck.

Submitted by a student

November 10, 2007

shhs is NOT the type of school you should enroll your kids in. according to shhs' student handbook, they must pay $10 for a locker with a lock provided by the office. all the other students who weren't able to pay for that, must carry there backpacks around all day including their after-school activity equipment. i really dont appreciate that because it isnt right. instead of them worrying about trying to make money, they should be trying to improve their test scores! as a parent, i come home everyday being notified about how teachers arent meeting the standards. dress code shouldnt be up to the board. if the dress code policy is passed next year, that doesnt mean that test scores will increase. shhs is a boring school and from my opinion, thats why students act and do the things they do...they're bored!

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