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It's all about the MERCH!

Monday, June 24, 2019   /   by Ashley Pieren

It's all about the MERCH!

Happy Friday! 

It is the last Friday of the month and I want to wrap up with our first business by talking about something I just love and that is Merchandise!

I personally have merchandise from this coffee shop ranging from the obvious coffee mug to an adorable hat! My favorite though, is my Halloween themed T-shirt from last year! One of my most favorite things about this business is the way the celebrate the holidays by creating a seasonal logo and merchandise. It makes me always excited to see what new things they are coming out with.

The picture I have for this blog is their most recently posted growler with the sale they have on it! The hashtag they used on this particular post is #shoplocal speaks to the heart of this blog and why I think it is important to know your local business in an area you call or are planning to call home! 

I think that is the perfect bridge to next month's Business of the Month! Monday is the 1st of July and I am very excited to announce that we will be moving from coffee to PIZZA! I will tell you all about why this business holds a special place in my heart next week, but without further adieu next month will spot light DB's Eats & Beats at 1144 Riverside Drive in Columbia! I cannot wait to dive in and bring great pizza to you all!