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Home Inspections

Wednesday, April 13, 2016   /   by Gerald Beckham

Home Inspections

bigstock-Builder-And-Inspector-Looking--109210889.jpgIf you are buying a home, whether new or old, you will want to have a home inspection.

Home inspections help you, as the buyer, to understand the condition of the home you are about to purchase.  Even if the home looks perfect, there are things that are wrong which are hidden from the naked eye.

Some sellers will have a pre-inspection on the home and this will be noted on the listing, but you will still want to have your own inspection.  If a seller is uncertain of the condition of the home, they can have the pre-inspection done to help fix some of the things that are found, however, ALL inspectors are different and not all will find the same problems except the really major ones.  Also, I highly recommend that you are present at the time of the inspection.  This will allow you to ask questions of the inspector as they are looking over your future new home.

Inspectors will search the home top to bottom to find problems and or repairs that are needed.  Sometimes their inspection report can be very overwhelming, but ask your Realtor any questions you might have on the report.  Not everything they find wrong are RED FLAGS for the home, but simply good information to have before moving in.

After the inspection, your Realtor will then work with you to determine what you want fixed and they will present this to the seller.  Every case is different and some sellers will fix all, some will fix some and some will fix none and take the price of the repairs off of the price of the home or closing costs.

One misconception of home inspections is that, if the inspectors shows something is working, that doesn't mean it will stay working forever.  If the A/C is 15 years old, the inspector will test it.  That A/C could last another 5 years or 5 days, but it was working at the time of inspection.  If it is working, then it would not be replaced by the seller usually.  It is just good for you as the buyer to know that this will be a possible future expense.

If you are building a new home, most people feel that inspections are not needed because the home is brand new.  HOWEVER, this is not the case as even builders can overlook something or try and cut corners on certain things.  The inspector will be able to test everything and let you know if the home is move in ready.

Since inspectors vary, it is good to take the advice of the Realtor in selecting one for your home.  Realtors work with many different inspectors and know which ones are good and which ones are bad.  Another misconception is that if a Realtor recommends a contractor of any type, the client feels like they are getting a kick back of some sorts.  In Tennessee this is illegal and our recommendations are strictly to help you, the client, in getting the best service from someone.

If you would like to learn more about inspections or have questions about this process, please feel free to email me at gerald@buysellmidtn.com.