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Great Service and Great Food!

Thursday, October 10, 2019   /   by Ashley Pieren

Great Service and Great Food!

Happy Thursday!
After some much needed rainy weather here at the beginning of the week, I got to spend a beautiful Wednesday at Deli 31 getting to know you all! Blue sky, 75 degrees, and open doors at the deli made for an awesome lunch time meet and greet. 

Speaking of lunch, I decided on their cuban sandwich, a bag of Miss Vickie's kettle cooked chips, and a fountain drink. It is one of my favorite sandwiches on the menu at Deli 31, and yesterday it was as delicious as it has ever been! That impressed me because when I got there and was talking with the store manager, Stephanie, she mentioned to me that she was the only one who would be on staff for the lunch rush. As I sat, I watched Stephanie greet every single person who walked in the door. If she was not able to take their order right away because she was still making another order fresh, she still made sure to engage in conversation with the new guest to make them feel attended to. There was not a interaction I saw where she did not have a smile on her face! In addition to the experience she was committed to giving, the food was still top notch! She kept pace as to not keep people waiting longer than necessary, and did not skimp on quality to move faster! 

I had such a great time at Deli 31, and if you missed me yesterday I absolutely suggest you stop by! Get yourself a lunch you won't soon forget, and meet some really great people who believe in their store enough to provide the best service at all times! Also, don't forget to pick up my card while you are there!