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Day of Meet and Greet!

Monday, June 17, 2019   /   by Ashley Pieren

Day of Meet and Greet!

Happy Monday again everyone! 

Today is the day of the meet and greet here at The Fainting Goat Coffee Co. on Main st in Spring Hill, TN! I am so excited to get the opportunity to meet new people in my community and to maybe introduce someone to a local business that I love!

When I got in line this morning to get me coffee and burrito, the most perfect conversation happened in front of me! The woman ahead of me in line asked the barista how the name The Fainting Goat came to be, and I learned something new so it seems perfect that I share that story with you.

Just south of Spring Hill is the town of Columbia, known locally as Mule Town (we will talk more about that next month!). To continue the local animal theme, the owners of the new coffee shop wanted to highlight another historically local animal. Now I had no idea that the adorable, funny, unique fainting goat is native to a very close county here in Tennessee, but I did some fact checking and it absolutely is! The fainting goat traces back to the 1880's in middle Tennessee! How cool is that? The owners took that knowledge and applied it to the atmosphere they wanted to create, and the Fainting Goat Coffee Co. was born! 

With each week I learn more about this little coffee shop and each week I am more proud to support a business this committed to their community! This week my drink of choice is a new drink they announced over the weekend call The Queen Caramel Latte. I got mine hot this morning and WOW! There has been nothing I have got here that hasn't been the best! So even if you miss my meet and greet today, please stop by here and give this business a try!