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Thursday, October 10, 2019   /   by Ashley Pieren

Great Service and Great Food!

Happy Thursday!
After some much needed rainy weather here at the beginning of the week, I got to spend a beautiful Wednesday at Deli 31 getting to know you all! Blue sky, 75 degrees, and open doors at the deli made for an awesome lunch time meet and greet. 

Speaking of lunch, I decided on their cuban sandwich, a bag of Miss Vickie's kettle cooked chips, and a fountain drink. It is one of my favorite sandwiches on the menu at Deli 31, and yesterday it was as delicious as it has ever been! That impressed me because when I got there and was talking with the store manager, Stephanie, she mentioned to me that she was the only one who would be on staff for the lunch rush. As I sat, I watched Stephanie greet every single person who walked in the door. If she was not able to take their order right away because she was still making another order fresh, she still made sure to engage in conversation with the new guest to make them feel attended to. There was not a interaction I saw wher ...

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Friday, October 4, 2019   /   by Ashley Pieren

October Business of the Month!

Happy Spooky Season everyone!

First let me apologize for my absence! I have had some exciting things in Real Estate and family life happening and I was unable to get into a business the way I had planned, but we are back! For this month I want to spotlight a new business in growing downtown Columbia. I have lived in Columbia for over 5 years now and I have enjoyed watching it grow and change! 

With that said, let me introduce Deli 31! You can find this sandwich shop at 510 N. Garden St, Columbia, TN 38401 and on Facebook! I stopped in today and talked with Destiny! She was very sweet as we talked for a while about the my project and of course about the food! 

A little background about me is that my very first job was in a sandwich shop in my home town, so I love a good sandwich! And that is just what you can find at deli 31! They have both hot and cold sandwiches, as well as hot dogs, salads, and soups. 

Great food isn't the only thing this place has to ...

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Monday, June 24, 2019   /   by Ashley Pieren

It's all about the MERCH!

Happy Friday! 

It is the last Friday of the month and I want to wrap up with our first business by talking about something I just love and that is Merchandise!

I personally have merchandise from this coffee shop ranging from the obvious coffee mug to an adorable hat! My favorite though, is my Halloween themed T-shirt from last year! One of my most favorite things about this business is the way the celebrate the holidays by creating a seasonal logo and merchandise. It makes me always excited to see what new things they are coming out with.

The picture I have for this blog is their most recently posted growler with the sale they have on it! The hashtag they used on this particular post is #shoplocal speaks to the heart of this blog and why I think it is important to know your local business in an area you call or are planning to call home! 

I think that is the perfect bridge to next month's Business of the Month! Monday is the 1st of July and I am very excited to a ...

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Monday, June 17, 2019   /   by Ashley Pieren

Day of Meet and Greet!

Happy Monday again everyone! 

Today is the day of the meet and greet here at The Fainting Goat Coffee Co. on Main st in Spring Hill, TN! I am so excited to get the opportunity to meet new people in my community and to maybe introduce someone to a local business that I love!

When I got in line this morning to get me coffee and burrito, the most perfect conversation happened in front of me! The woman ahead of me in line asked the barista how the name The Fainting Goat came to be, and I learned something new so it seems perfect that I share that story with you.

Just south of Spring Hill is the town of Columbia, known locally as Mule Town (we will talk more about that next month!). To continue the local animal theme, the owners of the new coffee shop wanted to highlight another historically local animal. Now I had no idea that the adorable, funny, unique fainting goat is native to a very close county here in Tennessee, but I did some fact checking and it absolutely is! The&nb ...

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Monday, June 10, 2019   /   by Ashley Pieren

Meet and Greet at The Fainting Goat!

Happy Monday!

This week I want to tell you all about the first interactive day! On Monday June 17th, I will be at The Fainting Goat Coffee Co. from 9:30 am-11:30 am to host a meet and greet and get to know you all! I want to get to know the people I work for! I want to sit down and have a cup of coffee and know what interests you, what you love about your neighborhood, and if you have any suggestions on businesses you want to see me dive into! And if meeting me is not enough of an incentive to come out, the first 5 people that find me there will get their coffee on me!

That brings me to what I want to spotlight this week from The Fainting Goat! This local business is BIG on supporting other local business, and if you ask me, the more we work together the better off we will be! Their coffee comes from Mule Town Roasters, dairy from Hatcher Farms, and their pastries from The Windmill Bakery to list a few. This coffee shop really stands behind their co ...

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